August 16, 2021

Safety Meeting Topics

Saying Something

It’s a rule anyone who’s ever learned to change a tire knows well: before jacking up a vehicle, put it in park and set the parking brake. For good measure, chock the wheels…

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Knowing And Understanding

There’s a world of difference between knowing something and understanding it. In this edition of the Flash, Paul gives some insight as to how we come to understand, as well as what might be done with that important knowledge.

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The More Things Change

This summer Paul has locked himself in his hut, affectionately known as “The Cave”, working on the Second Edition of Alive And Well At The End Of The Day. Last week Paul finished the task and has reemerged from The Cave. This month he shares some of what he was thinking about while writing. He reflects on making change happen, accountability and culture while discussing recent headlines. He’s included some insight into the writing process as well.

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Hazards, Everywhere

In this month’s edition of the Flash, Paul lends some advice on where to look for hazards and some perspective about the environment around us.

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A Safety Ambassador

This month Paul examines influence and influencers. He separates the current trend of self-proclaimed influencers from the real influencers. Especially those who make a difference in industrial organizations sending people home alive and well at the end of the day. He ends up focusing on one particular person who’s influence, even though he does not blow the whistle, has made a huge difference. You will want to know about this Safety Ambassador.

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Performance Feedback

In this month’s Newsflash Paul discusses performance feedback – good and bad – and the important role good and honest coaching plays in sending everyone home safe.

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About Safety Meetings

This month Paul examines safety meetings. Now before you run off saying you have been to and given hundreds and know how to do it well, he wrote this exactly for you. Safety meetings should make a difference and to know if they are making a difference you need to know how to evaluate them. Paul offers you a tool to be able to do that.

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Safety Meeting Self Evaluation

When we launched the Flash seven years ago, our objective was to provide suitable content for the Ask, Don’t Tell© process, and in so doing, offer one practical step to improve the quality of safety meetings.

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Regarding Knowledge

This month Paul examines what matters most to working safely. You might be surprised that the real First Line of Defense is not what leaders often focus on. But it is not enough to know what it is, every leader needs to understand the process, the best process, for obtaining it. This may be Paul’s most important message for good leaders like you.

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In this month’s edition Paul discusses procedures and offers a simple lesson along with a tragic example of what can happen when they are not known or understood.

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Applying Root Cause Failure Analysis to Safety

In this month’s Managing Safety Performance News Bill is back to dive deeper into improving safety performance this time through the lens of Root Cause Failure Analysis. In this new article, he focuses on applying the tools and concepts of RCFA on the challenge of rule compliance, or if you prefer, the challenge of rule non-compliance. Bill admits it took him a long time to learn some important lessons. He shares them with you here, so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

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