what makes us different?

We have learned what works, what doesn’t, and what really makes a difference!

Leadership Training

As consultants, our focus is on leadership practices: the practical things leaders do that make a difference in operations.

Those are practices we know well. Before we were consultants, we were managers – in operations. What we teach, speak, write, and consult on are the same practices we’ve learned and observed as managers. From our first hand experience, we’ve know what practices make a difference, why they work, and and how to immediately apply – execute – them out on the job.

You don’t have to take our word for it: ask our clients. They’ll describe the workshops we’ve taught as, “The best course I’ve ever attended” and and tell you practices they’ve learned have really made a difference.

After all, isn’t making a difference the whole point of it?

Paul D. Balmert
Balmert Consulting

The Practice of Leadership: Tools for Managers and Supervisors to Manage Execution

Managing execution is the fundamental role of every supervisor and manager. But execution – making things happen exactly the way it’s supposed to – is the fundamental challenge facing every leader of every organization the world over. As to why execution is the great challenge that it is, the answer is simple: it takes people to make things happen. When humans are responsible for performing the work, there are always human performance challenges.

Try as some leaders might, there is no escaping reality: leading people well is essential to successful execution.

The Practice of Leadership teaches simple, powerful leadership practices that come from successful leaders who were great at managing execution. Participants learn proven management and leadership tools – “what to do” and “how to do that” – focused specifically on execution, that can be put into immediate practice. These leadership tools can spell the difference between success and failure at the point of execution. The workshop is taught by former senior managers with a proven track record of managing execution.

Influencing Skills

Middle Management is at the heart of implementing organizational strategy and protecting company assets. Producing successful results takes more than just authoring a new procedure and an occasional speech. The Influencing Skills workshop gives Middle Management the practical tools they need – and can immediately begin using – to positively and effectively influence their organization.

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