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For more than two decades, we’ve been teaching leaders the world over practical safety leadership tools to help carry out their most important duty: sending every follower home, alive and well at the end of the day. But knowing how to lead and leading people well are not the same. In a word, the difference is execution.

To make that difference, what’s taught in the classroom must be successfully put into practice back on the job: safety leadership training is not an academic course. 

Getting better at performing any new skill requires practice, evaluation and specific effort focused on improvement. That’s the essence of individual performance improvement; on that point, improving safety leadership practices are no different from any other skill. 

In the normal practice of safety leadership, the leader is left on their own to evaluate their performance and determine what and how to improve. It doesn’t have to be that way.

To address this important need, we’re pleased to offer two different but customizable approaches to help the individual leader — Observe And Coach and Teach And Coach. 

Observe And Coach

Observe And Coach is a formal process of safety leadership observation and coaching. As to the all-important matter of who’s watchful eyes will be providing this development help, that service comes from the ranks of our consultants and teachers, who, as former line managers, have successfully managed safety performance themselves.

Teach And Coach

Teach And Coach is a process for reinforcing the tools and skills that puts one of our experienced leadership teachers together with a few supervisors in small group sessions specifically intended to increase proficiency in the use of the safety leadership tools experience has shown us are the toughest to master.

Leadership Development

In terms of the scope of our coaching and development, we primarily focus on leadership as it relates to managing safety performance. Our belief is that, by being effective in this critical function, the same techniques and leadership practices can be successfully applied to every other function that the leader is responsible for, from production and quality to teamwork and business process improvement. Furthermore, a focus on safety leadership and practices will simplify and streamline your overall leadership development process.  

The Balmert Consulting process includes individual leader field observation and follow-up coaching sessions. The frequency and nature of the coaching sessions — in-person and/or virtual — will be detailed in an agreed to coaching plan.

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