If your goal is sending people home safe at the end of the day:


Training Courses

Our standard for delivery for each of our courses is to be “the best course I ever attended.” As to how we achieve that goal, our tools and concepts are practical, our teachers have extensive line management experience in operations, and we utilize a highly interactive means of instruction instead of traditional lecture and powerpoint. Our courses also come with “back home application” tools and processes, designed to increase the use of the learning after class is over.

Managing Safety Performance™ Suite

Our flagship course for front line leaders, Managing Safety Performance, was specifically aimed at providing front line leaders practical tools to help them achieve their foremost goal of seeing to it that everyone goes home safe, every day. The success of this course has led to specific requests from clients to develop courses for the other important business goals that a supervisor has to achieve for the business to succeed.

Since 2001, our flagship course, Managing Safety Performance, has been taught to more than 75,000 industry leaders the world over. Managing Safety Performance is specifically aimed at providing front line leaders practical tools to help them achieve their most important goal: seeing to it that everyone goes home safe, every day. The two day safety leadership workshop is designed to be delivered at the client site, where leaders are taught fourteen “Safety Leadership Tools.”

The success of this course has grown into a suite of related courses in leading and managing safety performance:

  •    Managing Safety Performance: Skills for Supervisors and Managers™
  •    Managing Safety Performance: The Third Day – The Drive for Execution
  •    Managing Safety Performance: The Practice Session
  •    Managing Safety Performance: Practices for Executives™
  •    Managing Safety Performance: Practices for Senior Leaders™

Managing Risk: Recognizing What Can Hurt Us

Our management consulting work isn’t limited to leaders: we help everyone who works for a living recognize the hazards that can hurt them, and to take steps to reduce the risk of going home hurt – or hurting – at the end of the day. Those two objectives – recognize hazards and reduce risk – are simultaneously met in our one-day workshop, Managing Risk: Recognizing What Can Hurt Us.

Each workshop is specifically customized to the individual client’s operation and injury experience, providing a focus on hazards and risk specific to the client facility, and to reinforce existing client hazard and risk management processes. Like all of our other courses, each workshop is led by a former senior line manager with extensive operations experience, teaches practical tools to recognize hazards and reduce risk, and employs interactive instructional techniques (video, photos, case studies and in-room polling software).


Alive And Well At The End Of The Day – Tools to Lead Safety Performance is designed to look and feel like a college level course. It follows the familiar model of classroom lecture combined with outside of class study and application of what’s taught. But unlike an academic course, Alive And Well is focused on the practical: the practice of safety leadership by leaders.

The eight one-hour classroom sessions are packed with leadership tools – practices and concepts to lead and manage safety performance – found in the book, Alive And Well At The End Of The Day. Augmenting that content are real life examples illustrating the challenges of safety leadership, and analysis of the participant’s experience in putting the new knowledge into practice.

To that end, just like a college course, Alive And Well includes three-one hour Lab Sessions. These sessions are designed for small groups to have a direct dialog with the teacher via on-line video conferencing. The Lab Session allows the participants to ask questions and receive advice from the course instructor. Lab Session will also allow the instructor to delve into how the participants are learning and mastering the use of the safety leadership tools being taught.

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