Consulting: Practical Advice And Proven Practices

"Whether we are called upon for a speaking engagement, or called in to perform an assessment, our consulting approach in providing advice and ideas is to focus on what’s practical and what we know works in practice to make a real difference."
Paul Balmert

Speaking Engagements

Have you ever noticed how many featured speakers resumes begin with “dynamic, motivational, enthusiastic, high-energy, entertaining, highly sought after” and so few begin with “ideas that are line fire-tested, based on real-world experience, thought-provoking, practical and useful”?

If you are looking for the latter – well-presented – you’ve come to the best source!

Our Consultants regularly speak on topics like Leadership, Safety, and Execution. 

Want a fresh set of eyes to look at safety performance and execution in your organization? Want to know how well your processes to manage safety performance are doing? Want to know how your management processes stack up to the best in the business? Looking for practical advice on what to do to improve safety performance?

Since 2000, we’ve been providing answers to questions like those for clients in a wide range of industries, in the form of Safety and Health Assessments. Performed by former senior line managers and safety professionals with extensive operations experience, our assessments have helped clients make dramatic improvements in safety performance.

Health and Safety Assessments

Private Client

If you’re looking to safety leadership training as leverage to transform culture, our Private Client service offers exactly that. Our Private Client service combines project management and consulting with training delivery to create the synergy necessary for cultural transformation.

As a Private Client, your organization will get direct access to Paul Balmert and other senior consultants: they’ll provide practical advice and assistance to change a training intervention into part of an integrated and aligned cultural transformation solution.

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