July 31, 2020


Problems: Big and Small

This month Paul dives into problems big and small. He explores the nature of problems and how we think about them, then leaves us with some Darn Good Advice.

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The Beacon That Lights The Way

This month’s News is authored by one of our senior consultants and teachers: Dr. Edward Aronson. Eddie, as we know him around here, is a former manufacturing executive, whose focus as a management consultant is on what I’d describe as leading from within. Or, as Eddie puts it, “Standing up for what you believe in.”

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This month Gary Rivenes shares a personal story about the perception of choice, and the importance of making the right choices when it comes to safety.

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A Huge Misunderstanding

This month Paul discusses two tools of leadership – Leading by Example and organization power. He makes the point that by the time anyone is promoted into a position of leadership they know about the important leadership practice of Leading by Example and while it may seem simple “there’s more to it than first meets the eye” and not always easy to do. Leading by Example is easier to understand than organization power and this month Paul does a deep dive into organization power and how not understanding it can lead to huge problems and catastrophic outcomes. He examines a case where the misunderstanding was deadly.

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The Easy Way

In this month’s Flash Paul shares some perspective on recognizing and managing hazards, and the importance of not taking “the easy way” when it comes to safety for jobs that might not seem particularly hazardous.

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No Worries?

If you know Paul, you know he has a Wall Street Journal habit and often finds in his reading lessons that transcend finances into Managing Safety Performance. This month Paul extracts important lessons from the recent banking crisis. He provides useful insights into risk, complacency, accountability and safety. The same challenges in banking are challenges managing safety performance.

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Don’t Let Your Guard Down

In this month’s edition of the Flash Paul discusses the basic principles of Hazard Recognition, and why keeping your “Guard Up” is so important in going home unharmed every day.

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Crisis Management

You probably guessed that recent headlines about a train in Northeast Ohio jumping the track has caught Paul’s attention. In that event and others of the same ilk Paul has found some lessons to share that can make a difference helping us send people home alive and well, particularly when things go bump in the night.

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Leadership In Practice

In this month’s edition of the Flash Paul looks into leading in a crisis and shares two important principles every leader should understand. Crisis or not, these principals are a critical foundation to any communication between a leader and a follower when it comes to safety.

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The Journey To Zero

This month Paul discuss the annual performance review process on The Journey to Zero. He reflects on safety goals and the measurement of safety performance and if there is a measurement there is a need for comparison — aka benchmarking. This is where it gets really interesting — compared to what? Then he points out the part of the process that in his experience is not done well. I think you’ll find his conclusions quite interesting and even useful.

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