April 30, 2019


Changing The Culture

This month Paul looks at the challenges of creating the culture you want. Said another way, culture change. It is rare for me to have an initial conversation with prospective and existing clients without them using the term “culture.” Two calls already this morning and it is early. In Changing the Culture Paul provides some brilliant insights while cutting through all the culture change clutter. There is a lot in this one and worthy of multiple reads. This one is brilliant and important! He also will have everyone pulling out their old Geometry text book.

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Stressed Out!

This month Paul dives into the stress we all are feeling. In this edition he talks about the assumptions, hypotheses, and facts we use to make decisions and the biases that influence and inform them. If you are a regular reader then you know Paul is going to pull it all together, share his perspective and offer some thoughts on how to leverage the lessons. Some Darn Good Advice.

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Safety Leadership In The Time of Covid

With all confusing, confounding and even contradictory things going on in the midst of the COVID crisis, the most important goal every leader has remains unchanged: seeing to it that everyone goes home, alive and well at the end of every single day.

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Deepwater Horizon: Lesson Learned?

This month Paul, with the help of Erick Reyna one of our teacher consultants, goes back 10 years to examine the lessons to still be learned from the Macondo Deepwater Horizon events of April 20th 2010. He shares five important lessons that are still important today. Some Darn Good Advice.

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A Second Set of Eyes

One of the great benefits of having co-workers is that they represent a “second set of eyes.” They can see what we are doing; they can see things we don’t see ourselves…

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Stop Everything!

This month Paul explores another lesson to be learned about stopping the job and the decisions-maker’s choice. There are lessons about taking action or choosing not to that can be useful sending people home alive and well at the end of each and every day.

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On the subject of the Coronavirus: yes, or no, are you taking precautions? Have you seen others taking the kind of precautions they would not normally take?

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A Deadly Serious Hazard

This month Paul discusses that the risks that scare us and the risks that kill us are different. He examines the lessons to be learned from the Coronavirus and how those lessons can help leaders like you send people home alive and well at the end of each and every day.

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What Now?

This month Paul examines the customary beginning of a new year thinking about goals and results. He reminded me of Jim, only Paul’s search is for ’cause’ around the leading and lagging indicators used to measure safety performance. Anyone who knows Paul knows he tends to have a different and insightful perspective. He truly is a Rebel With a Cause — to help leaders like you send people home alive and well at the end of each and every day.

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