March 15, 2019

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Working Alone

Every industry has its own set of hazards. In the construction business, one of the biggest is trenching and excavation. To insure that work is done safely there is a rigorous set…

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Defining Moments

In this month’s Managing Safety Performance News, Paul examines defining moments of some amazing leaders. Paul discusses the key lesson to be learned from their “defining moments.” It would be nice if all defining moments were also shining moments.

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What’s Your Plan?

In this month’s Managing Safety Performance News, Paul dives into planning for the New Year. Specifically, planning to send everyone home alive and well at the end of each and every shift. January is the time we seem to be most focused on planning and Paul’s got a few words of good advice.

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A Simple Task

If there is one good thing to be said about the hazards all of us are regularly exposed to as we make a living, it is this: people are hard targets to hit. It takes a lot for the stars to align…

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Not On My Shift!

In this month’s Managing Safety Performance News, Paul looks back to the lessons learned on his last trip of the year that included developing a new teacher for Balmert Consulting in Germany. But that is not the story, not this month.

This month Paul finds safety leadership in the most unusual place and follows the thread back fifty years to his first boss and the plant manager.

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No Laughing Matter!

Safety is serious business, but that hasn’t stopped some from poking fun at the way those of us who work for a living get hurt. Before he became famous as a Cajun chef….

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Information, Please!

In this month’s Managing Safety Performance News, Paul describes role-modeling a successful technique used by Malcom Forbes. In our circles, we have a familiar name for the practice. You can read about it in his book, Alive And Well, or you can come to one of our open enrollment sessions and learn it first hand from Paul, who certainly practices what he preaches.

This month Paul also discusses some basic principles to measure safety performance. They can be found in more detail in the chapter, Measuring Safety Performance. It’s the longest chapter in his book.

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Ranking Hazards

If you’re someone who works with your hands, on the list of hazards you face doing your job, how high would you rank Power Tools? …….

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