March 15, 2019

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Being sure. Thinking you’re sure. Acting as though you are sure. We do it all the time. In one sense, it’s impossible not to. To live a normal life, you have to….

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The Power of Example

This month Paul examines the power of example, the power of the examples of leaders. Mimicking or copying the behaviors of others is inbred in us from the time we are young. We do it almost without thinking. If that is true then as a leader it is a powerful way to get people doing what you want them to do.

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Sixth Sense

The five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. Together they form the foundation of hazard recognition, done real time where we live and work. There is also the notion of a sixth sense…

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Changing The Culture

This month Paul looks at the challenges of creating the culture you want. Said another way, culture change. It is rare for me to have an initial conversation with prospective and existing clients without them using the term “culture.” Two calls already this morning and it is early. In Changing the Culture Paul provides some brilliant insights while cutting through all the culture change clutter. There is a lot in this one and worthy of multiple reads. This one is brilliant and important! He also will have everyone pulling out their old Geometry text book.

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Working Alone

Every industry has its own set of hazards. In the construction business, one of the biggest is trenching and excavation. To insure that work is done safely there is a rigorous set…

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Defining Moments

In this month’s Managing Safety Performance News, Paul examines defining moments of some amazing leaders. Paul discusses the key lesson to be learned from their “defining moments.” It would be nice if all defining moments were also shining moments.

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What’s Your Plan?

In this month’s Managing Safety Performance News, Paul dives into planning for the New Year. Specifically, planning to send everyone home alive and well at the end of each and every shift. January is the time we seem to be most focused on planning and Paul’s got a few words of good advice.

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A Simple Task

If there is one good thing to be said about the hazards all of us are regularly exposed to as we make a living, it is this: people are hard targets to hit. It takes a lot for the stars to align…

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