March 15, 2019

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Fatal Assumptions

Making assumptions may make work and life easier, but it does not make life and work safer. In fact, it often works in exactly the opposite way.

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Work Done Here

This month Paul examines lessons learned from improvised tools and work methods where the odds of a hazard are a lot higher and there is a potential for creative problem solvers to be taking too much risk.

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Sometimes solutions are the stuff of genius. But not every one of those solutions turns out to be great – or safe. Here’s just such a case. 

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Go – or Stop?

This month in Go —or Stop? Paul examines lessons learned from another first day on the job in industry. This one went totally different than my first day but also made a lasting impression and offers some very important lessons not to be soon forgotten.

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Asking “Should?”

Brand new to the world of industry, it’s your first day on the job. You’ve been given your first assignment: a seemingly simple clean up task. Having been given no training, getting ready to start…

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Managing Risk: The Right Stuff

This month in Managing Risk: The Right Stuff Paul examines lessons learned about managing risk in the space program. He provides four very important lessons that need to be understood about risk and sending people, to the moon and/or home alive and well at the end of each and every day.

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Factoring In The Human

Imagine your momentary queasiness as you start reading…US Airways 1549. You immediately know what that is about and have a pretty good idea Captain Sully has something to do with it. This month Paul examines the human factor when things go bump in the night…or the Hudson River.

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Being sure. Thinking you’re sure. Acting as though you are sure. We do it all the time. In one sense, it’s impossible not to. To live a normal life, you have to….

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The Power of Example

This month Paul examines the power of example, the power of the examples of leaders. Mimicking or copying the behaviors of others is inbred in us from the time we are young. We do it almost without thinking. If that is true then as a leader it is a powerful way to get people doing what you want them to do.

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