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Do Not Assume

Assume: to take for granted; believe to be true.

It’s easy to be lulled into making assumptions. People make them all the time.

For example, assuming hazard recognition only applies when there’s real work to be done. It is called a Job Safety Analysis, not a “rest” or “meeting room” safety analysis.

And, assuming a safety rule isn’t really that important. The posted speed limit on the highway is more of a suggestion. 

Or, assuming when the rule isn’t followed, nothing bad will happen. That is what happens, most of the time.

So, why not assume? 

Besides, “not assuming” takes time, requires effort, slows things down. Who would take the time to do that?

You would, if you thought that there would be serious consequences. Most of the time there is no harm. 

So, you assume: take for granted; believe to be true.

The problem with that is when the assumption is proven wrong, and serious harm happens.

You know it can happen. But in case you need to be reminded, here’s what can happen when two people assume. 

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