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Sage Advice

In case you’d forgotten about the “absolute tragedy” caused when someone drives the wrong way on a divided highway, this story serves as a stark reminder.

Begs a question: What can you do to reduce the risk – the odds – of something like this happening to you – or your loved ones? 


Wisdom comes from experience. Everyone gets experience; a few get wisdom.  A sage is someone with great wisdom – and who’s willing to share their wisdom. That’s what makes a sage different.
Consider all who’ve crossed your path over the course of your lifetime: you’re bound to have met up with special people who gave you sage advice. If they hadn’t shared their wisdom, you wouldn’t know they were a sage.
Wyoming State Trooper Clint Becker was one who did.
For years Trooper Becker was a regular guest speaker at safety meetings at mines and mills across the state. One piece of wisdom he dispensed: “When driving on the interstate, don’t go over the top of the hill in the passing lane.”
His logic: a driver heading the wrong way in the wrong lane will likely drive in the passing lane, thinking they’re on the right side of the road. If that happens you can see them coming, leaving time to take evasive action. At the crest of a hill, you don’t have that asset. 
Trooper Becker said he’d seen that too many times.


That’s a perfect illustration of sage advice. It’s had a beneficial impact on others; it might just do you some good as well.
What sage advice do you have to share on the subject of safety? 

Paul Balmert
January 2022

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