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A Second Set of Eyes

What makes safety a “team game”?

First, because work in industrial operations is normally performed as part of a team or crew. Most of us have co-workers.

Second, because we depend on our co-workers to help keep us safe. What someone else does can, and often does have an impact our safety. 

But, unlike the games we play for fun, safety can become a matter of life and death.


One of the great benefits of having co-workers is that they represent a “second set of eyes.” They can see what we are doing; they can see things we don’t see ourselves; they can bring a different perspective to every situation.

Here’s your chance to be that second set of eyes by looking at a picture of work being done, specifically taking down a scaffold on a street in a city. Two people are doing the work. 

See things you like?
See anything that might be a cause for concern?

Paul Balmert
April 2020

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