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Fatal Assumptions

Look around and observe people: it really doesn’t matter whether those people are hard at work on the job, or out for a walk after work. You are guaranteed to see a lot of people making assumptions about their safety, and the safety of those around them.
Making assumptions may make work and life easier, but it does not make life and work safer. In fact, it often works in exactly the opposite way.

If you’re looking for examples, have a read of this article about five workplace events on a construction project, each of which resulted in a fatality. 
There’s not a lot of information as to the root cause of all the events: the most recent one happened the day before the article appeared in the news.
But, it’s not the least bit difficult to identify at least one assumption that was made, either by the person who perished, or those involved in the tragedy.
An assumption that proved fatal.

Paul Balmert
October 2019

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