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Taking Care of Safety

The question of what comes first – production or safety – is one that is asked the world over. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, and think that taking care of business is what matters most.

Everyone knows better. But not everyone remembers what they know, when it really matters.

From time to time, an example of why safety always comes first can help us remember what we know. Here’s just such an example, of an event that happened in December, that’s well worth the five minutes it will take you to watch the video, read the story, and see the pictures.

Explosion Victim Recovers; Wife Thanks ‘Whoever Was Watching Over Him’

It’s an account of an injury, from the vantage point of the spouse of the person who was seriously injured.

It is one case where a few words are worth a thousand pictures.

Paul Balmert
January 2018

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