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Safe to Go?

When the traffic light turns green, that means:
                     A) Go.
                     B) It’s safe to go.
                     C) Go – if it’s safe to go.
The correct answer is pretty obvious – if you stop and think about the choices. But, honestly, now, how many people actually take the time think about the choices? Not very many that I know of, myself included. We just assume it’s safe to go, and then we do. Most of the time it is, but you know all about that pesky word, assume, and how it is spelled, don’t you? 
Make a list of the reasons why a crossing vehicle might not stop even though you’re seeing a green light: how many reasons can you come up with? 
Bet it’s a lot.
How many reasons do you need to be convinced to check first, and go second?
One ought to be good enough to convince you: you don’t want to be the guy who gets hit by some crossing vehicle!
Think about that, and you’re a whole lot more likely to arrive safely. 
Which is the whole point of the trip, isn’t it?

Paul Balmert
August 2017

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