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Looking for Hazards?

One of the simple facts about work is that it always takes place in a three dimensional space. If you’re really serious about recognizing what can hurt you – the hazards – you must follow suit. Otherwise, you run the risk of being blindsided when something hits you – from above, below, and beside you. 

As to what those hazards might potentially be, there’s an old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  

Consider this construction project in a city as an illustration of the principle. There are the various tasks being done; who’s performing them; where they are standing; what they are handling. You ought to look at the picture, first from the vantage point of those performing the work and then from the perspective of those pedestrians on the sidewalk, who seem blissfully ignorant of what lies overhead.

All seems rather obvious, doesn’t it? Just not necessarily in the mind’s eye of those on the scene.

Paul Balmert
September 2023

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