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The Easy Way

We humans are always looking for the easy way. It’s something we’re naturally inclined to do, how are brains are wired. It’s a big reason why technology has advanced to the point it has. Were it otherwise, we’d all still be living in the Stone Age.

Recognizing and managing hazards is no exception. It’s easy for us to recognize hazards with highly visible and serious potential consequences. Visit a steel mill, and you don’t have to be warned about the hazards of molten metal. It’s bright yellow and very hot. Visit a metalworking operation, where that steel is stamped and fabricated, the hazards associated with stamping out big parts and welding them together are obvious to the eyes and ears. 

As to delivering the finished product to the customer, that’s just a matter of moving it: lifting, pulling or pushing a loaded pallet, using a fork lift or hydraulic pallet jack. Nothing there to grab your attention. 

At least not until something goes badly wrong, and then it does. 

If you’re really serious about going home alive and well at the end of every day, you can’t afford to take the easy way. Every hazard has to be recognized and properly managed. Doing that is anything but easy.
Paul Balmert
April 2023

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