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A Little Doubt

There is an old Spanish proverb that goes, “Among the safe courses, the safest of all it to doubt.” When it comes to recognizing and managing hazards, it’s some of the best advice you will ever get – or give.

Doubt is a feeling of uncertainty; a lack of conviction. Feel unsure, you’ll be reluctant to commit and take action. Thinking that sounds like a bad thing, but it that really true – for safety?

A feeling of uncertainty will cause you to pause, take a second look, double check, get a second opinion, or ask questions, like “How do I know for sure that…?”

What’s the cost of doing that? Time…effort…energy…keeping others waiting. But honestly, not really all that much of any of those precious commodities.

On the other hand, what does NOT doing that gain? Saves time…effort…energy. But honestly, not very much of those, either.

It’s far more important to consider the potential benefit from taking that extra time, effort and energy doubting requires: what’s in it for you to do that? And to consider the potential cost if you don’t.

It’s all rather obvious, isn’t it? Doubt might just save yourself a lot of pain and suffering.

A little doubt can go a long way!

Paul Balmert
November 2022

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