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Safety Meeting Self Evaluation

When we launched the Flash seven years ago, our objective was to provide suitable content for the Ask, Don’t Tell© process, and in so doing, offer one practical step to improve the quality of safety meetings. Has it made a difference?

That’s for you to determine. As to how, try taking this simple self-evaluation of your safety meetings.

Select the answer that best describes your safety meetings. If you’re not being totally honest, you’re only fooling yourself.

Safety Meeting Evaluation


As part of meeting preparation, there is a specific objective defined for the subject matter.

0. Usually, it’s “hold a safety meeting.”
1. Sometimes there is a stated objective like “communicate a new procedure.”
2. I always have a specific purpose in mind.

Those attending the meeting view the content as relevant and important to them.

0. No, it’s often stuff they’ve heard many times before.
1. Depends on the content.
2. I stick to topics I know my followers see as relevant and important to them.

People are actively engaged and participate in the discussion of the topic.

0. Seldom happens.
1.  Sometimes there are questions.
2.  Sounds exactly like what routinely happens in my safety meetings.

Meeting over, there’s an evaluation of how well the purpose of the meeting was met.

0. A debrief or evaluation is not part of my process.
1. If there’s a big problem in a meeting, I’ll look into what went wrong.
2.  Evaluation of safety meetings is a regular part of my management practice.

Safety meetings add significant value to the process of managing safety performance.

0. Not really.
1. There are times when a safety meeting has helped.
2. would not have a safety meeting that did not add value.

Next, add up the points for your five answers:

         9 – 10: Your safety meetings are a best practice. Congratulations!
         4 – 8: There’s plenty of room for improving. What’s stopping you?
         0 – 3: Why are you having safety meetings?

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