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A few weeks ago a residential condo collapsed, catastrophically and tragically – but absolutely not unexpectedly. If you have followed the story, you know there were plenty of warnings. But for one reason or another, nothing was done by those in charge.
The job of finding out who knew what, when they knew it, and why they didn’t do something to solve the problem belongs to the investigators. They’ll do their job, and in the due course of time the answers to those questions will become known. 
As to who would want to know the answers, it would start with family and friends of the innocent victims who depended on the decisions and actions of others to keep them safe. 
A tragedy like this raises two important questions for you to answer; questions nothing to do with this tragedy, but key to going home alive and well at the end of every day at work:

  • Who do you depend on for your safety?
  • Who is depending on you for their safety?

Take time to think about those questions, there will be a lot of names.

All of which explains why “safety is the ultimate team game.”

Paul Balmert
July 2021

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