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It’s now been more than 90 days since the world around us was transformed by a hazard so small as to be invisible to the human eye. The next time you fill out a Job Hazard Analysis, be sure to take note of that simple truth. 
As to that new normal, it’s forcing us to break old habits and form new ones, many of which are directly related to keeping us from being harmed by the hazard called COVID 19.
For that marvelous and incredibly complicated computer sitting atop the shoulders of every single one of us living on the planet, a habit is our innate way of hitting the easy button.  A habit can be a good thing – like buckling the seatbelt and holding on to the handrail – and a habit can be a bad thing – like eating the donuts sitting by the coffee pot in a training class.
There’s a theory that it takes twenty-one days to form a habit. So, in the COVID world where we all live and work, what new habits have you formed? What old habits have you changed or broken altogether?
And how’s that working for you?

Paul Balmert
June 2020

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