Alive And Well At The End Of The Day


Every industrial leader shares a common goal: seeing to it that everyone they lead goes home alive and well at the end of every single day. But in the real world of industry, standing in the way of achieving that goal is a formidable set of tough safety challenges familiar to every leader on the planet. Challenges like attitude and awareness, behavior and buy-in, compliance and complacency, distractions, equipment, environment, production pressure, peer pressure. The list ends with zero: actually achieving zero harm.

Every leader knows these challenges all too well. What they are looking for are answers that are practical and guaranteed to make a difference at the bottom line of safety: people going home alive and well at the end of every day.

If you’re one of those leaders, Alive And Well At The End Of The Day – Tools to Lead Safety Performance is the perfect solution.

Alive And Well At The End Of The Day – Tools to Lead Safety Performance teaches fourteen practical safety leadership tools specifically designed to successfully take on the toughest safety challenges industrial leaders face. The tools that are taught come from Paul Balmert’s best-selling book on the practice of safety leadership, Alive And Well At The End Of The Day, which identifies and explains in practical ways the safety leadership best practices used by successful safety leaders.

For the last two decades those tools have been successfully taught in classrooms the world over, and leaders have applied what they learned to successfully manage safety performance. Now those same tools can be learned at the home or office in Alive And Well At The End Of The Day – Tools to Lead Safety Performance.

Who Should Participate

Any leader with an interest in managing safety performance is a candidate for the class. Alive And Well At The End Of The Day – Tools to Lead Safety Performance is also highly useful to anyone who is interested in personal and professional development for a future management or supervisory position demanding effective safety leadership.

Interactive Lecture and On the Job Application

Picture a really good classroom lecture, bordering on a TED talk, led by former operations leaders who have successfully managed safety performance and with first-hand experience dealing with tough safety challenges. Add in real time classroom polling and the debrief of actual experience using the tools. That’s the on line part of the course, taught in eight one hour online classes spread over three weeks.

Each online session comes with a set of post-class assignments, focused on both the practical application of the learning, and a deeper dive into the chapters of Alive And Well At The End Of The Day.

Just like a college course, in addition to the eight lecture sessions the course includes three one-hour Lab Sessions. These sessions are designed for small groups to have a direct dialog with the teacher via on-line video conferencing. Multiple time slots are provided for each lab to limit the group size of each session giving each participant time to talk and interact with their teacher in a more intimate setting. The Lab Sessions allow the participants to ask questions and receive advice from the course instructor. Lab Sessions also allow the instructor to delve into how the participants are doing learning and mastering the use of the safety leadership tools being taught.

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