Tough Safety Challenges

Tough Safety Challenges

For twenty years we’ve been asking the question “what are your toughest safety challenges” to leaders, literally all over the world. To a wide swath of industrial leaders at clients big and small. At sites that are the safest in the world, and some that are bringing up the back of the pack. To CEO’s and Board Members, and members of Safety Committees and shop stewards.

Most significantly, w’ve asked that question to a huge contingent of front line supervisors: the ones directly responsible for the safety of those most likely to get hurt doing the work of the company.

Their answers, in alphabetical order, starting with the A’s: Attitude. Awareness. Behavior. Buy-in. A slew of challenges that start with the letter C: Compliance, Complacency, Communication, Change, Culture.

Distractions. Environment. Equipment. Focus. Getting people to….follow the rules when the leader isn’t there. Otherwise known as Integrity. Getting people to report near-misses and getting people to tell the truth in an investigation into something that went wrong.

All the way down to Z: Zero: With all those challenges, how in the world do we actually achieve zero?

Sound familiar?

In this edition Paul discusses our approach in helping your leaders better respond to the difficult list of challenges they face every day. 

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