Managing Safety Performance:

Tools for Supervisors and Managers

Safety Leadership

Great safety performance demands great safety leadership. When it comes to safety leadership, nobody plays a more important role than do front line leaders, who Peter Drucker described as “the face of the company” to those doing the work.

Ironically, front line leaders are often the most overlooked and underveloped resource in many organizations!

Front line leaders train and qualify, observe and correct or reinforce behavior, run safety meetings, communicate and execute changes in procedures, know the condition of the equipment and the effectiveness of the procedures, and receive the first report of a problem.

These common, everyday leadership processes are essential to managing safety performance. Yet rarely are the front line leaders responsible for execution taught “what to do” and “how to do” them.

Which is exactly what Managing Safety Performance teaches.

What We Teach

The Managing Safety Performance workshop is built around “a day in the life” of a front line leader. From the beginning of the shift to the end of the shift, the workshop focuses on the predictable opportunities a front line leader has to lead and manage safety performance: beginning with running the tool box safety meeting, and finishing by “adding up the score” at the end of the day.

For each of those opportunities – for example, running a safety meeting or communicating a change in policy – the workshop teaches the practices learned from the very best at leading and managing safety. Practices are the “what to do” and “how to do that” of safety leadership.

Add up all the practices taught in the workshop, and a leader has learned the leadership Tools necessary to effectively manage safety performance.

How We Teach

The workshop design creates a learning experience – as opposed to a training event. That difference starts with our use of the interactive Socratic Teaching Method. We employ familiar real-life scenarios, making the workshop practical. We provide the opportunity to apply and practice each of the leadership tools we teach. Our teachers are all former line managers, with decades of practical experience.

These teaching methods create a powerful and memorable learning experience, and the motivation to take the Tools back to the job to lead better.

The Managing Safety Performance Workshop

Based on a day in the life of a front line supervisor, the two day Managing Safety Performance workshop teaches “what to do” and “how to do that” for key safety leadership processes such as:

  • How to observe followers as they perform their jobs
  • How to correct unsafe behavior
  • How to recognize and reinforce safe behavior
  • How to communicate and put into practice a new or revised safety procedure
  • How to run a safety meeting
  • How to respond to a safety suggestion
  • How to take advantage of the leadership opportunities every leader is presented with
  • How to deal with incidents and near-misses.

"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”









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